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With winter fast approaching, poultry keepers need to make a start on preparing their flocks’ housing for the colder months. Chickens will be spending more time in the run and coop than in the previous months and with the weather deteriorating, essential repairs should be made now.




Choose a sunny day and take the coop apart as much as possible, use an old paint scraper to clear off any dried droppings and scrub all surface areas with a bucket of hot water mixed with Nettex Viratec P broad-spectrum disinfectant powder.  Allow to dry in the sun as the UV light will help decrease any mites and bacteria or alternatively you can dry off with old towels.

Spray each panel and the inside of the roof with Nettex Total Mite ready to use spray. This is a multi-action cleaner with added insecticides to help protect against bacteria, viruses, fungi and mites. Once dry, apply Nettex Mite Aerosol in all cracks and corners, roosting bar brackets and nest boxes, for a targeted approach to mite control.

Keep on top of disinfecting the weekly feeder and drinker during winter, to help prevent an increased risk of bacteria. Spray Nettex Poultry 4in1 Disinfectant directly onto equipment once a week and leave to dry – it’s as simple as that, no need to rinse! When re-hanging feeders and drinkers, align them level with the chickens’ backs rather than resting on the floor, where litter and faeces can pollute them.



Check all parts and the roof for anything which may need repairs. If any felt repairs are needed, we recommend using Onduline, which has a high resistance to red mites.

Check the security of the run cover it with a clear waterproof membrane to give your chickens somewhere dry to shelter during bad weather. Birds allowed to paddle around in damp litter are at a high risk of developing bacterial or fungal foot problems quickly.

With the flocks being confined to using the run with daylight hours decreasing, cleaning out housing more frequently is essential. Sprinkle Nettex Ground Sanitising Powder inside weekly, as this will help minimise the risk from harmful bacteria and intestinal worm eggs. Nettex Ground Sanitising Powder can also be used on the floor when replacing the litter every two weeks.


“TOP TIP” - use shredded hemp bedding which is brilliant for drying out droppings and composts after your clean.





With harsh weather on the way, it’s important to make sure that both housing and runs are weather and water proof. Clear tarpaulins with bungee hooks are a cost effective and excellent way to achieve this.




Come December, it is likely that DEFRA’s Avian Influenza prevention zones will be in force again, therefore flocks will need to be kept under cover and away from contact with wild bird droppings. The clear, waterproof membranes mentioned above covering your run will help with this, however please ensure that you do not block the coop’s ventilation by accident, as this is essential in preventing the build-up of ammonia.

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