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Poultry Power Drops

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Nettex Poultry Power Drops (previously known as Nutri-Drops) are a fast acting pick-me-up supplement for chickens packed full of energy and immune supporting vitamins.

  • Instant energy source for weak chickens.
  • Helps support birds during periods of stress and illness, including the introduction of new birds to the flock, periods of warm weather or following illness.
  • Helps support peak egg production when maximum stamina and energy are required.
  • Helps support appetite and feed efficiency
Sizes 30ml


Administer 1ml per kg of body-weight (average weight of an adult bird is 2.5kg) daily, into the mouth of the bird.

Administer Nettex Poultry Power Drops for a minimum of 3 days and maximum of 5 days.

Do not exceed the recommended feed rate.

Application may be repeated as desired as a nutritional supplement.

Latest reviews for Poultry Power Drops

  1. Kerri Sugars

    These are little miracle drops. They smell amazing and the chickens really seem to enjoy them. They have saved many of my hens when they are stressed, broody or raising chicks and need a boost. They are excellent as a last ditch effort at saving a hen that you think is on its last legs. I have had many chickens I thought I was saying goodbye to suddenly become their original feisty and bossy selves.

  2. Andy Dehaney-Steven

    Lovely stuff. Just the job for a girl who is under the weather. Easy to administer

  3. Sandra Walters

    My absolute No1 goto for picking up an off colour chicken. They really are a life saver!

  4. Dan Hardwick

    Magic in a bottle. When they say “power” they mean “power.

    These drops are a god send and perk up poorly looking birds almost instantly, and you can see the difference and the benefit.

    Recommend these to any keeper to have in for 1st aid kit.

  5. Davina Wilks

    I always have a box of Poultry Power drops in my hen first aid kit as they provide a sudden boost of energy when given to a poorly hen. I’ve had hens that look as if they’re ready to go, then suddenly after a couple of drops, they’re back on their feet again, and continue with their daily foraging. They definitely have ‘power’ in them and I would definitely recommend them to every chicken keeper too.

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