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Welcome to Nettex Poultry, where you will find the complete solution for keeping chickens happy and healthy. We are a leading and trusted chicken nutrition and healthcare manufacturer, providing product solutions for your flock for over 10 years. Nettex Poultry are your trusted eggspert on all things keeping chickens from product solutions to practical advice and support for both beginners and experienced chicken keepers.

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Check out our seasonal essentials, featuring the key products you need over the coming months for healthy, pest-free and happy chickens.

Chicken Mite Kill - Keeping Chickens with Nettex Poultry

Nettex Total Mite Kill Spray is a highly effective insecticidal spray for use against poultry mites.

Chicken Hygiene Powder - Keeping Chickens with Nettex Poultry

Nettex Total Hygiene Powder is naturally absorbent Diatomaceous Earth based powder that can be applied to poultry, their housing, dust baths and bedding resulting in an environment that discourages lice and mites.

Nettex Louse Powder is an insecticidal powder for amateur use effective against lice, mites and fleas for use in bird housing and environment.

Nettex Scaly Leg Spray is a 3-in-1 solution that soothes, softens and cleanses scales affected by scaly leg mites.

Nettex Total Mite Kill Ready To Use Refill is a highly effective insecticide and disinfectant cleaner for chicken housing.

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Red Mites with The Chicken Whisperer & Nettex

See our video library, full of eggspert advice from key opinion leaders, The Chicken Whisperer and Tommy the Vet.

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Show your chickens some Summer Lovin’

  Whilst the warmer months bring perks to chicken owners with extended daylight hours, better weather conditions and, of course, more eggs, it is important not to forget that summer can be a stressful time for your flock. Chickens can suffer increased stress from situations that arise during the summer months, including parasite infestation, heat…

Nettex Poultry win at Veterinary Marketing Association Awards

Innovation, problem solving and enhanced customer experience led to poultry nutrition and healthcare manufacturer, Nettex Poultry, winning the Packaging Application and Delivery award at the 2022 Veterinary Marketing Association (VMA) Awards. Their winning product, the Total Hygiene Pack, was recognised by judge, Tim Potter, for providing a great solution to a problem for a specific…