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Welcome to Nettex Poultry, where you will find the complete solution for keeping healthy, happy chickens. Nettex Poultry are a leading and trusted chicken healthcare manufacturer, providing product solutions for your flock for over 10 years. Nettex Poultry are your trusted eggspert on all things chickens from product solutions to practical advice and support for both beginners and experienced chicken keepers.

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Get your chicken health questions answered by our resident poultry professional, Clare Taylor - The Chicken Whisperer

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Eggspert Tommy the Vet talks worming...



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Virocur here to help during Avian Influenza outbreak

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Red Mites with The Chicken Whisperer & Nettex

See our video library, full of eggspert advice from key opinion leaders, The Chicken Whisperer and Tommy the Vet.

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Moulting chickens and how we can help them

Chickens go through several moults in their lifetime, here Clare Taylor (aka The Chicken Whisperer) discusses the steps you can take to support your birds through what is a stressful period. A chicken’s first moult is shortly after they hatch and they will have two, sometimes three moults before they achieve their adult plumage. Thereafter,…