'Eggspert' Videos

Welcome to our video library, full of eggspert advice in bite size videos featuring key opinion leaders, The Chicken Whisperer and Tommy the Vet helping you in keeping healthy, happy chickens.

Tommy Heffernan AKA Tommy the Vet is an independent veterinary consultant working with Nettex. Tommy spent 16 years in general mixed practice in Co Wicklow Ireland. He has spent the last three years working as a veterinary consultant; during this time he spent 16 months working as animal health specialist with the Irish Farmers Journal, where he covered all areas of animal health. His focus and passion are around animal health and the communication of best practice. Tommy has a personal interest in backyard poultry husbandry and medicine. 

“We’ve always had backyard poultry at home so I’ve grown up with them and I have always been interested in their welfare and health” Says Tommy.

Clare Taylor AKA The Chicken Whisperer has worked with chickens for many years, having grown up around livestock. Clare is well established in the world of backyard poultry and she spends her time educating people about the joys of keeping chickens. She teaches beginner and advanced Chicken Keeping Courses and creates content for well-known poultry publications alongside working closely with Nettex.

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