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Egg and Shell Support Powder

Nettex Poultry Egg and Shell Support Powder is a complementary mineral feed specially formulated to improve egg quality, assist digestion and provide nutritional support for laying hens.

Nettex Poultry Egg and Shell Support Powder provides:

    • High levels of limestone, oyster grit and calcium to help strengthen and improve eggshell quality.
    • Added seaweed, full of natural amino acids, to improve yolk colour and support hens in lay.
    • Prebiotics, limestone and oyster grit to aid digestion.
    • Additional nutritional support especially during lay
    • Contains aniseed to help stimulate appetite
Sizes 450g

Feed 1 teaspoon per 1kg of layers pellets or mash twice weekly.

In period of increased stress feed daily for one week.


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