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Total Hygiene Pack

A handy starter pack for poultry keepers containing three products that when used together form an effective hygiene and mite regime. Includes Total Mite Kill Ready to use Spray, Total Hygiene Powder, and Total Mite Kill Aerosol. Now comes in NEW recyclable packaging.
Total Mite Kill Ready to Use Solution – A highly effective insecticide and cleaner for poultry housing that disinfects and kills mites, lice and other crawling insects. Residual action continues to work after drying.
Total Mite Kill Aerosol Spray – Rapid knockdown insecticide – kills mites in hard to reach areas of housing. The long-lasting residual action, continues to work after drying.
Total Hygiene Powder – Contains Diatomaceous Earth. Can be applied directly to chickens, bedding, perches, nestboxes and dustbaths to promote hygiene and dryness. The resultant environment discourages all types of mites and crawling insects.

Red Mite:

  1. Clean out the coop.
  2. Spray inside the coop with Nettex Total Mite Kill Spray and use Nettex Total Mite Kill aerosol spray in the hard to reach areas.
  3. When dry, apply Nettex Total Hygiene powder in the coop, nesting box and dust bath.
  4. Repeat 3 days later and then weekly for a month to help maintain a mite-free environment.


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