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Buz Busters Louse Powder

Nettex Louse Powder is an insecticidal powder for amateur use effective against lice, mites and fleas for use in chicken housing and environment.

  • Contains a blend of three active ingredients to achieve a rapid kill.
  • Use every time you clean and change the bedding to help deter lice.
Sizes 300g

Remove all bedding and clean thoroughly.

Apply inside the coop before replacing the bedding.

Pay special attention to nooks, crannies and roosting bars.

To help control infestation: Use every time you clean and replace the bedding.

Use only during periods of infestation.

Can be used as an insecticide against fleas, beetles, wasps, ants and silverfish in animal housing, pet bedding and wasp nests.

If applied to soft furnishings vacuum 2-3 hours after application


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