Your Questions: Answered

Why have my chickens stopped laying eggs?

There are a number of reasons why your hens may stop laying which include:

1.  Age – older chickens are less likely to lay as they only have a finite number of eggs

2.  Level of nutrition – if your chickens do not have the correct level of nutrition they will not be able to produce eggs. Nettex Poultry Egg and Shell Support Powder is a complementary mineral feed specially formulated to improve egg quality, assist digestion and provide nutritional support for laying hens.  Nettex Poultry Egg and Shell Support Powder provides high levels of limestone, oyster grit and calcium to help strengthen and improve eggshell quality and added seaweed which is full of natural amino acids, to help improve yolk colour and support hens in lay. 

3.  General health – hens need to be in good general health to produce eggs.

4.  Worm burden – hens with a heavy worm burden may stop laying.

5.  Time of year – as we move into the winter, hens tend to reduce/stop laying as there is a reduction in the production of hormones which are responsible for reproduction.

6.  Moulting – hens will stop laying when moulting as vital nutrients are diverted to grow new feathers.

Ensure your chickens are in good health by conducting a health check regularly, making sure their diet is nutritionally balanced and checking for and treating worms should your chickens have them.