Your Questions: Answered

Why does my chicken seem tired and what can I do?

There are few reasons why your chickens could be lethargic. It could be a feather moult, a heavy mite infestation or worms as all can place an extra strain on their immune systems which is why it is important to supplement during these times.

Nettex Vit Boost Tonic has added Biotin which will help support feather regrowth during moult and Nettex Poultry Power Drops (formerly known as Nutri Drops) contains fast acting energy as well as immune supporting vitamins which acts as a pick-me-up for chickens showing signs of tiredness, illness or stress.

Unexplained lethargy should really be investigated by a veterinary professional, but in the meantime perform a health check to check for any signs of illness, infestation or stress and supplement/treat your chickens appropriately.