Your Questions: Answered

What do I need to do to improve my biosecurity?

  1. The run should be covered to prevent wild bird droppings from being washed in.
  2. Restrict access to your birds.
  3. Boot dip on entry and exit (using a DEFRA Approved disinfectant, such as Nettex Poultry Virocur Disinfectant) and use footwear which is only used in your chicken run.
  4. Disinfect feeders and drinkers regularly.
  5. Use fresh tap water for your birds’ drinkers – not water from a water butt, which could contain wild bird faeces in the run-off.
  6. Be prepared for a full Protection Zone lockdown, and register on the DEFRA/APHA site to receive email updates from them.
  7. Keep a daily record of your birds health, diet, medications, and visitors.
  8. Prevent the accumulation of standing water and clean up any spilled feed that could attract wild birds and/or vermin.
  9. Humanely control rats and mice. Keep dogs, cats and other livestock out of poultry housing.