Your Questions: Answered

What can I do to stop my chickens eating their own eggs?

It is hard to stop chickens eating their own eggs.  It tends to be a habit that might start when one hen has laid a soft egg previously.  To stop the behaviour take the eggs away as soon as they are laid or if possible have a roll away egg box. Ensure hens have enough calcium in their diets to avoid soft shelled eggs. Nettex Poultry Egg and Shell Support Powder is a complementary mineral feed specially formulated to improve egg quality, assist digestion and provide nutritional support for laying hens.  Nettex Poultry Egg and Shell Support Powder provides high levels of limestone, oyster grit and calcium to help strengthen and improve eggshell quality and added seaweed which is full of natural amino acids, to improve yolk colour and support hens in lay.