Your Questions: Answered

My Chickens are laying eggs with soft shells, what should I do?

Sometimes hens may lay eggs that have thin, soft or no shells.  There may be a number of reasons for this.  First ensure that your hens are generally healthy by conducting a health check to identify any health issues and check their worm burden and worm if necessary.  Feed your hens a high quality layers feed, making sure that this is a significant proportion of their diet and that treats are kept to a minimum, and only given after they have eaten all of their main feed.  Soft shelled eggs might be more common at the start or end of the laying period, or when the hens are older. 

Nettex Poultry Egg and Shell Support Powder is a complementary mineral feed specially formulated to improve egg quality, assist digestion and provide nutritional support for laying hens.  Nettex Poultry Egg and Shell Support Powder provides high levels of limestone, oyster grit and calcium to help strengthen and improve eggshell quality and added seaweed which is full of natural amino acids, to help improve yolk colour and support hens in lay.