Your Questions: Answered

How do I tackle Scaly Leg Mites?

When your chicken has a Scaly Leg mite infestation, it is important that you do not pick the scales this will only cause more irritation for your chicken. Scaly leg mites can be easily managed with the following 2 step programme:

1. Spray the legs of affected chickens with Nettex Scaly Leg Spray, this product suffocates the mites, eases the discomfort and provides a barrier to deter and protect the legs. Apply to the legs with a soft toothbrush, in an upward motion, gently working it under the scales.

2. Repeat every 5-6 days (to break the egg cycle) and repeat over 2-3 weeks or until the infestation has gone and the scabs have gone from under the scales. Note that the scales will remain raised when the mites are gone.