Your Questions: Answered

How will I know if my chickens have mites or lice?

A heavy infestation of either lice or mites will severely affect the health of your chickens; it can stop them laying, cause anaemia and even kill birds. Before this however, there are more subtle signs that may indicate that there is a mite or lice infestation

·       Chickens may avoid going into the coop at night

·       Blood spots on the eggs

·       Your chickens may be irritated and look pale or anaemic – evident in paler combs and wattles than normal

·       You spot either mites or their faeces – the latter looks like grey ash-type deposits – along crevices inside the coop.

·       Northern Fowl Mite are little black critters about 1mm in length.  These live on the chickens, and particularly like to hang at the base of feathers.

·       Lice are about 1-3mm in length and a golden brown colour. They are fast moving and like to lay their white eggs at the vent and the base of the feathers, especially underneath the wings.