Your Questions: Answered

How do I keep the coop and run clean in winter?

During the winter your chickens will be spending more time in their housing due to the lessening daylight hours, so now’s the time to ‘up the ante’ with your cleaning regime.

The coop should have a deep clean before winter – cleaning thoroughly and leaving to dry on a sunny day.

Use Nettex Virocur – a highly concentrated peroxygen based, broad spectrum DEFRA approved disinfectant powder, effective against diseases of poultry, to give the coop a deep clean for winter.

Regularly sprinkle Nettex Ground and Bedding Sanitising Powder on the litter in the run, and under the roosting bars in their coop in between cleaning out. All feeders and drinkers will need a good scrub with Nettex Poultry Sanitiser and Egg Wash, which will help eliminate bacteria build-up.