Your Questions: Answered

How can I support my chickens’ immune systems during an Avian Influenza outbreak?

Stress can increase the risk of ill health in chickens. A key stress factor during an AI outbreak is prolonged confinement. Nettex Poultry’s Vit Boost Tonic in their water helps to support the immune system. Ensure that your chicken’s have plenty of room in their run (1 sqm per chicken where possible) as over-crowding can cause stress too, providing extra feeders and drinkers if you have more than 4 chickens is also a good idea.

How do I keep my chickens from pecking each other if they are confined?

The prime reason for bullying and feather pecking is lack of space, so ensure that there’s plenty of room in your run, (1 sqm per chicken where possible) and utilise the vertical space by fitting in some perches or branches higher up in the run. Provide extra feeders and drinkers, ideally at opposite ends of the run to prevent clustering around the resources. Provide varied enrichment in their run and change them regularly to maximise interest. Above all, be vigilant and watchful for any bullying, act quicky to segregate the bully, and use Nettex Anti Feather Pecking Spray to minimise the risk. Mites can also cause irritation and pecking, and the risk is far greater when your flock is confined to their run for long periods of time, be vigilant and tackle any mite issues with the Nettex Total Mite Kill range.