Your Questions: Answered

What should I have in my first aid kit?

Examining your chickens regularly can help to identify problems early. It can be useful to keep a first aid kit to hand to help deal with minor ailments, though if in doubt you should seek veterinary advice. Recommended products for your first aid kit include:

A wound care product such as Nettex Wound Care Spray to help clean minor wounds

A vitamin supplement such as Nettex Vit Boost Tonic to help support your chickens during times of stress.

A sanitiser spray such as Nettex Sanitiser and Egg Wash to clean any equipment.

An Anti-feather pecking spray such as Nettex Anti-Feather Pecking Spray to deter pecking and feather pulling.

An energy supplement such as Nettex Poultry Power Drops (previously known as Nutri-Drops) to support weak and lethargic chickens.