Your Questions: Answered

How do I treat my chickens for worms?

Advice on worming should always be sought from a vet or suitably qualified person (SQP) at the point of purchase.  However, as a guide you should undertake a worm egg count quarterly and if needed, worm your flock using a licensed wormer or a medicated wormer premix.   Worming is a stressful time for your chickens and using Nettex Herbal Gut conditioner at this time, helps to support healthy gut flora and the digestive system.  Intestinal worm eggs are always present in the environment and in wild bird droppings, therefore it is important to treat the ground as well as the chickens to minimise the risk.  Once you have treated your chickens, clear the run of litter and sprinkle the base with Nettex Ground and Bedding Sanitising Powder.  This will help clear the ground of worm eggs and bacteria before you lay clean litter, and helps maintain a low risk environment for poultry. Nettex Ground and Bedding Sanitising Powder also helps absorb moisture and the odour of faeces and organic matter, reducing the risk they pose to flock health.  For best hygiene practice, drinkers and feeders should be cleaned weekly with Poultry Sanitiser and Egg Wash.  This sanitiser is ideal for cleaning all poultry equipment and egg washing.