Your Questions: Answered

How do I introduce new chickens to my flock?

Introducing new chickens to the flock has the potential to be a major cause of stress and upheaval, so it needs to be planned with consideration for the new s and the existing chicken’s welfare, and then undertaken slowly.  Ensure that you check any new chickens to ensure they are free from lice and mites – it is advised to treat new arrivals for parasites when they arrive. 

New chickens should be quarantined initially near to your original flock (to build up their homing instinct) and introduced gradually initially with the existing flock free ranging around them.  Monitor the flock when they are together and take action quickly to separate any chickens being bullied.  Use toys and environmental stimulation to keep chickens entertained and ensure you have lots of food and water stations. Put the new chickens into the coop after the existing ones have gone to sleep.