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Birds are very susceptible to stress, this may be triggered by parasites, heat or bullying. This stress has an adverse effect on the immune system and can cause birds to lose condition.

Stressed birds may appear depressed and may be off their food or drink.

Heat Stress

Chickens are very susceptible to overheating as their body temperature is much higher than ours and they are unable to sweat. In hot weather, ensure your birds have access to shade and provide plenty of fresh, cool water. You can also pop a frozen bottle of water into their drinker to keep the water cool.


Overcrowding and bullying can cause stress. It is really important to make sure that your birds have more than enough room in their run and plenty of feeders and drinkers to avoid bullying. If you have a bully, consider popping them in a broody cage (with food and water) inside the run for a couple of days to reset the pecking order.

New Arrivals

Introducing new birds has the potential to be a major cause of stress, so needs to be undertaken slowly with consideration.  Ensure that you check any new birds you introduce to your flock to ensure they are free from lice and mites and quarantine them initially near to your original flock and introduced gradually.

Throughout the summer, it is essential to support your birds with appropriate nutrition and supplementation to maintain optimum health, support the immune system and help prevent stress. Nettex Vitamin Boost +, added to the birds’ water, contains essential vitamins and minerals to support health and vitality, plus biotin which helps support feather growth. Netter Mineral Boost Powder is a dry supplement, which can be added to the birds’ feed, it contains the key minerals to aid vitality and support optimal health plus calcium to support egg shell strength.