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There are a number of Pesky Pests that can live on your chickens or in their housing. These external parasites can be a real problem for your flock if left unchecked. Follow the top tips below to keep your chickens healthy, productive and happy with Nettex.

1. Be vigilant: It is important to check your birds and housing regularly and catch any outbreak fast – it makes it that much easier to deal with.

a. Housing: Check the housing carefully every week when you clean it, pay special attention to  all the nooks and crannies, ends of roosting bars and the nest boxes.

b. Birds: Keep an eye on your flock for any unusual behaviour, give them monthly health checks after they have gone to roost (they are more biddable then). It really helps you to know what’s ‘right’ for each bird and spot any issues quickly

2. Cleaning routine: take the housing apart as much as is possible when you clean it each week, and schedule in a super-clean and strip-down at the beginning and end of the summer.  Check all nooks and crannies. Wash and dry it all, then spray with Nettex Total Mite Kill Ready to Use Solution (remember to shake it first) - this is a disinfectant, which also has a coating agent that will continue to act on the mites, once it has dried. Shake Nettex Total Hygiene Powder liberally in the coop, paying attention to all corners and the nest box.

3. No straw, hay or newspaper: Mites and lice love heat and dampness, so eliminating these from the housing helps to keep the parasites away. Straw and hay also both harbour mites in the stalk tubes and contain dust spores, while newspaper will ‘wick’ wetness and get damp. We all love the image of a hen sitting on a nest of straw, but in reality, you are best to stick to something drier such as one of the shredded hemp beddings.

4. Dustbath:  A dust bath in your covered run encourages social behaviour, and Nettex Total Hygiene Powder in the dust bath can help discourage lice and mites too.

5. Sunshine: UV light is a brilliant natural disinfectant and kills off red mites too, so lay the panels and parts of your coop out in the sunshine while you clean it.

6. Nettex Total Mite Aerosol for nooks and crannies contains permethrin, and its high powered action will get right into all the hard-to-reach areas in your housing to blast those mites.

7. Should your birds seem under the weather, support their health with a supplement such as Nettex Vit Boost + in the chicken’s water or Nettex Mineral Boost Powder in their food.

8. Check your chickens’ legs regularly for signs of Scaly Leg Mites.  These parasites burrow under the scales causing sores and discomfort. Use Nettex Scaly Leg Spray to suffocate the mites and help bring relief. Apply with a soft toothbrush to the legs.

9. When buying in birds  always check them carefully and tackle any pest issues before introducing them to the rest of the flock.

10. Remember – Identify – Tackle – Deter  Identify any parasite risk (or infestation),  tackle if necessary and take deterrent action to help keep your flock happy, healthy and free from Pesky Pests!

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